Zipline - High Speed Traversing
One of the most popular commercial extreme sports in the market is our 300 meter, elaborate and mobile Zipline.
The versatility of Zipline lies in our dependable rigging techniques, and the light weight of the wire that enables installation even in the most impassable and complex terrains. The traversing speed is regulated through adjustments in the wire’s angle in drop height, as well as in its suspense, making Zipline an excellent experience even for the youngest rush junkie. This is the only accomplished mobile aerial cableway in Scandinavia. Contact Peak Experience and let us look at the conditions for a possible arrangement for Your event.
Quick Facts
  • Elaborate and portable measuring 300 metres

  • No age limit

  • For recreation, shows or extreme sports competetions

  • Extremely popular

  • Attained traversing speeds exceeding 100 km/h!

I was overwhelmed at the work done by Peak Experience during the Adventure Race World Championships. Their accomplishments implemented a vision and made Redbull Challenge that very special element of the Championships. Simply professional, safe and spectacular.? 

Mikael Nordström, Organiser AR World Championships 2006
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