Advertising Flights
Benefiting From Aerial Advertisement
Consider the following arguments for having your company's own advertising balloon:

High ROI - According to studies, a balloon appearance will generate publicity value of several times the actual cost of staging the balloon promotion.

Preferred Marketing Method - Researches indicate that in relation to newspaper, outdoor, radio and TV, aerial balloon advertising was rated as having the lowest cost per thousand among the five types. A corporate balloon program offers a powerful message that few advertising methods can compete with.

Cost-Effective - Consisting of few components along with state-of-the-art systems gives today's balloons high longevity. Hence, a balloon is suited to promote your company for years to come. Expect the balloon program costs to plummit considerably after the first 2 years.

Goodwill Among Employees - Have your star staff join for an unforgettable flight with the company's own balloon. A balloon flight is an exlusive give-away gift and your staff will not underrate this generousity, something that will be reflected in their productivity.

Enhanced Business Relations - Impress on your counterparts by inviting them on an incentive city tour from the air. After the flight, raise a toast - alcohol free champagne of course - for a prosperous business together whilst enjoying their full admiration.

Our broad experience and unfathomable passion for extraordinary achievements will be your strongest ally in quest for high returns on investment.
Visual Impression

"Balloons, for what they cost, have given us more promotional value than a hundred times as much spent on advertising."

Malcom S. Forbes for Vis-à-vis Magazine, 1987

If your cup of tea is more bold and playful than that of a conventional approach, a sky burning advertisement balloon will gladly help increasing consumers' awareness of your brand. It will grace the interest of media and mark a genuine impact in the mind of thousands of potential customers.

Whenever it launches to the sky, cheers and whistles follow the visual medium from the ground. Truly, this ought to be experienced from above.
Different Balloon Programs
Aerostats are extremely versatile; have your balloon in a certain shape i.e. to resemble your company's mascot. Not only you'll boost your brand overnight, the sight of a flying mascot will add an unforgettable visual invitation to leave your spectators in awe.

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